Thursday, December 27, 2012

A great place to charter a sailboat!

This space has been empty for quite some time, and will remain so for a very simple reason: Having chartered countless sailboats from Harbor Sails over the years -- everything from the 22 footers of their one-design racing fleet up to 45' luxury yachts (with gold-plated faucets no less) I can say without reservation that their charter vessels are always seaworthy and the aesthetics are always well cared for.  Always, without fail.

I can't say I've never encountered any breakage, any more that I can say I've never caused any, but I can say that no boat leaves the dock unless it's known to be seaworthy, and no problems with aesthetics or amenities are allowed to persist.  The maintenance regime in place here is best-case, and the value of that, from the charterer's perspective, is extreme.  You just won't find anyone that does it better than Tom Hirsch and his staff.

All of that being the case, there is little point in writing reviews, they are valuable when a range of different quality scenarios are likely to be encountered.  Somehow critical reviews tend to be more interesting than positive ones.  A review space that contains no criticisms is basically just a redundant copy of the organization's web site.  I've never encountered anything noteworthy enough to warrant a critical review... and thus we're left with a blog without a reason behind it.

Truth be told, upon learning Tom had read all of my blogs, I felt remiss about writing so much about a reciprocal club, and nothing about HS, so I created this blog with best of intentions... I hear the road to hell is paved with those things... :-)

So if you find yourself in San Diego looking for a great place to charter a sailboat, give Harbor Sailboats a call... and tell Tom I sent you.

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